Fine Current Control For Welders

Radio Controlled Fine Current Adjustments
Make Adjustments While Welding From 300 ft Away

RMSA model fits Lincoln SA type welders
--the drive is hidden-- cost is $599
Can be installed in less than a hour.

RMUN model will fit any machine with a control knob and a steel control panel --face plate-- cost is $549
Up-Ten can be installed in 5 minutes.

Pat. Pending   Made In USA

Up-Ten wireless welder remote control

This system will help make welding easier, as welding can be a demanding job. The UP-Ten wireless remotes for welders will fit on Lincoln, Miller, and Hobart machines --- any machine with a rheostat dial or control knob.

We currently have two models, one that fits the Lincoln SA200 or any of the Lincoln welders that use a rheostat for the fine current control. The RMSA model fits behind the control faceplate and uses the existing mounting bolts that hold the rheostat in place. The RMUN model uses a magnetic mounting system that attaches to the control faceplate from the outside. Both models will fit on the Lincoln SA 200 and the other Lincoln welders that use a rheostat for the fine current control.

The RMUN model can be used on any welding machine with a dial type of control knob, such as Lincolns vantage machines, Lincolns ranger, Millers bobcat, trailblazer, and big blue machine models, Hobarts champion models. The RMUN model will work also on the stationary welders such as Lincolns Idealarc and Invertec, and Millers CST and XMT models and Hobarts stickmate models.

Our system uses a small discreet two button remote control transmitter about the size of your keyless entry for your truck or car. We recommend attaching the transmitter with Velcro to the bottom left hand side of your welding helmet if you are right handed, opposite side if you are left handed. The transmitter is protected from harsh environments this way and is always where you need it. This also helps keep it from being misplaced or dropped in the mud or from a great height.

Both models are assembled right here in the USA, The clutch drive, mounting brackets, wiring, and machine work is done here in the USA.

We will be offering an imported receiver and transmitter soon when we are sure they will hold up, this will lower the price $100 on both the RMSA and RMUN models.

I have personally used a wireless welder remote on my Lincoln SA 200 for 30 years now so I definitely know the benefits.

If you want to try our products, go to the buy now page and buy online, you can use a credit, debit card, or Paypal. If after one month you find it does not work well in your welding application --- send it back, pay the freight and insurance---We will send you a full refund. I recommend the RMUN model if you want to try the benefits short term, as these are easier to install.

If you want to become a dealer, we have price breaks after three units. We also have demo units with a full warranty for sale at $100 off when they become available.
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